Theatre Royal still going strong

“Facebook message from Amanda Jones, who started Theatre Royal on his way:

Unbelievably chuffed to receive this message from Lila all the way from the US y’day. Lila’s recently taken over the ride on Vinnie (Theatre Royal) and sounds like she loves him just as much as we did. Can’t believe it’s over 10 years since we were starting with this wonderful boy. Massive hugs and kisses Vinnie!
Here’s what Lila had to say – “He is unbelievably amazing and by far the nicest horse I have ever sat on. He is so kind, so forgiving and so earnest! I have completed four Prelim events on him not placing lower than 3rd! I have even entered my first CIC* on him and even though he is 16 this year he is going strong! So sound and fit and a jump to die for! I actually ride and train with former three day rider Denny Emerson in Vermont. I literally have to pinch myself after every event because I can’t believe I’m riding such an amazing horse with the best brain ever! I’m so honored to be able to ride Vinnie and I can honestly say my life as a rider has changed completely after taking the ride over. I am absolutely in love with him and can’t wait to ride him every single day! Just wanted to let you know how well he’s doing! Here we are competing in Maryland last fall! Where we placed 2nd in Prelim!” Go Vinnie and Lila!”

vinnie1 Vinnie2

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