Still spring heeled at a stallion parade in Ireland, Spring 2012 at the age of 19

Carrick Diamond Lad is fully approved by the Irish Horse Board as an Irish Sport Horse stallion. This traditional Irish bred stallion carries all of the top performance bloodlines.

His sire, Flagmount Diamond, produced international show jumpers and provided us with some of the best brood mares in the world. Flagmount Diamond is the sire of Hopes are High, winner of the Du Maurier in Calgary (ridden by Nick Skelton). Carrick Diamond Lad has three crosses of Thoroughbred on his dam side, including Sky Boy and Ozymandias, both of which have impeccable records as performance sires. In addition, his great grand dam is by Highland Flight (T.B.) It is probably this triple injection of T.B. in the dam’s pedigree which has given Carrick Diamond Lad’s progeny the stamina for showjumping, 3-day eventing and dressage.

Carrick Diamond Lad’s promising performance career was unfortunately never realized due to a horrendous injury to the fetlock joint in a freak accident as a foal. Despite this handicap and from an initial small book of mares, he has produced many superb horses including Private Heart, Lowhill Blackout, Finest Diamond Clover and Lowhill Ambassador amongst many.

Carrick Diamond Lad passes on a number of desirable traits to his offspring. These include:

  •  Trainability
  • Movement
  • Athleticism
  • Courage
  • Jump
  • Versatility

It is his unique ability to pass on athleticism and movement in combination with the renowned brain and trainability of the Irish bred horse that makes him such a special sire.

For this reason, more and more breeders are looking to Carrick Diamond Lad as their chosen stallion.

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