USA & Canada Breeders

We are delighted to introduce Carrick Diamond Lad at stud in the United States and Canada. We are very fortunate to have Select Breeders Services (SBS) handling and distributing his frozen semen for us.

SBS are world renowned in the equine reproduction field with laboratories located worldwide. Using state of the art equipment and standardized protocols, SBS are experts in handling frozen semen and managing mares to optimize fertility and conception rates for the mare owners.

Please contact Dr Stephen Jones DVM to set up semen distribution or with any questions you may have. Email:                                                                                       Address:  5001 Olentangy River Road, Apt 341, Columbus, OH43214


Alternatively you can contact SBS in Ocala, Florida directly to organize semen distribution.

Phone: 352-307-3000


Fax: (352) 307-3003

Address:  Peterson and Smith Equine Reproduction Centre, 15107 SE 47 Avenue,  Summerfield, Florida 34499

Please note that SBS charge an additional fee for processing and distributing the frozen semen within the USA. This includes Fed-Ex shipment, container rental and Fed-Ex Return of the container.

Customers from Canada, please contact the stallion owner directly regarding importation documents needed and distribution fees.

A handsome bunch of Carrick Diamond Lad 2 year olds at grass in Ireland

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