Carrick Diamond Lad progeny are currently competing in the following countries:

Portugal              Sweden              UK           USA                  netherlands

nz         italy               south africa             Ireland                  mexico

Carrick Diamond Lad is a proven sire of both Showjumpers and Eventers. In 2008, we calculated that a staggering 8% of his progeny at that time were competing internationally!

Below is a list of some Carrick Diamond Lad progeny, their riders and their rider’s nationality. We have given a few of his most prominent stock their own page on our site.

Ireland      Ireland

Uskerty Diamond Lady – rider Francis Connors (IRE), former riders Paddy O’Donnell (IRE) and Seamus Hayes (IRE).

Lowhill Village at Lyons (Lowhill Blackout) – rider Camilla Spears (IRE), former rider Katie O’Sullivan (IRE).

Great Britain   UK

Thornton Jones – rider Matthew Heath (GBR), former rider Andrew Nicholson (NZL).

Southway – rider Moira Walsh (GBR), former riders Ludwig Svennersall (SWE) and Ellen Svennersall (SWE).

Carrick Diamond Flyer – rider Georgie Strang (GBR).

Carrick Diamond Gem – rider Holly Woodhead (GBR).

Lowhill Toome Cruise – rider Kylie Roddy (GBR).

Poppies Carrick Diamond – rider Kylie Roddy (GBR).

Uskerty Diamond Flight – rider Helena Bevin (GBR).

Lowhill Ambassador – rider Emma Holmes (GBR), former riders Kayleigh Watts (GBR), Shiekh Samir Mirdad (IRL) and Alexander Butler (IRE).

Fernhill City Bound – rider Edgar Padfield (GBR), former rider Emily Jane Corbett (IRL) .

Diamond Ructions – rider Louisa Lockwood (GBR).

Sillan Carrick Lady – rider Paul Sims (GBR).

Muckno Princess – rider Harry Wainwright (GBR).


Carrick Diamond Duke – rider Cara Lavigna (USA).

Eezy Cruise Lad – rider Dan Kreitl (USA).

Diamond Holly – rider Katherine Coleman (USA).

Ballymurphy Lad – rider Kristin Schmolze (USA), former rider Patricia Ryan (IRE).

Fernhill Jet – rider Candace Bell (USA), former riders Julie Richards (USA) and Jennifer Brannigan (USA).

New Zealand    nz

Byrnesgrove First Diamond – rider Andrew Nicholson (NZL).

Carrick Cruiseon Diamond – rider Joe Meyer (NZL).

Lurgans Diamond Boy – rider Kevin McNab (NZL), former rider Poppy Worcester (GBR).

The Netherlands    netherlands

The Diamond Queen – rider Shirley Scholten (NED), former rider Imogen Murray (GBR).

Jack (Carrick Diamond Envoy) – rider Kim Hoogenratt (NED), former riders Serena Rich-Jones (GBR) and Graham Gillespie (GBR).

Italy     italy

B Gob Jimboy – rider Irene Gianni (IT).


Mexico    mexico

Carrick Furisto Diamond – rider Pedro Gutiérrez Aja (MEX).


Republic of South Africa  south africa

Tricolore – rider Stuart Fitzgerald (RSA), former rider Tim Price (NZL).


Portugal     Portugal

Finest Diamond Clover- rider Rui GONÇALO (POR)

Finland     Sweden

Lowhill Bingo- rider Iiris Lyyra (FIN)

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