Lowhill Glenard Lad



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Not another one!

Yes, yet another son of Carrick Diamond Lad is now jumping Grand Prix. Born in 2006, Lowhill Glenard Lad, competed in his first international 1.35m grand prix on 26th June 2013 in Mullingar at the tender age of 8.

Photos show the typical care that Carrick Diamond Lad progeny take with their obstacles. They really try!


Here’s a video of him as a three year old:

July 2016 Update:

Lowhill Glenard Lad by Carrick Diamond Lad and Jenni Lamminen who were fifth in the 1.50m National Grand Prix.


October 2015 Update:

Jump Off!! Lowhill Glenard Lad by Carrick Diamond Lad and Catherine Thornton who were third in the 1.40m 2015 Gain Alltech Autumn Grand Prix League in Kernan Equestrian Centre today(October 4th)!

October 2014 Update:

We’re delighted to report that Lowhill Glenard Lad won the 1.35m Final in Raheen na Gun stud last weekend. Onwards and upwards for this exciting young horse!

View a video here:

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