Private Heart

Private Heart has a special place in our hearts, as he was one of the first of Carrick Diamond Lad’s stock to ‘make it’ in the USA.

Private Heart, ridden by Leslie Law, individual Olympic Gold medallist

Private Heart ridden by Leslie Law, individual Olympic Gold medallist

He was brought to the States by Bruce Davidson, having first competed in the UK. The ride was given to Leslie Law, and the pair were shortlisted for the Athens Olympics. Unfortunately, injury prematurely ended the horse’s career.


aaaaaLeslie and Bruce have been tremendous promotors of Carrick Diamond Lad in the States. Here’s what Leslie has to say about him:

“I first became aware of the stallion Carrick Diamond Lad via my ex-three star horse Private Heart who was sired by him. Private Heart was a very successful advanced horse that I really enjoyed campaigning and I am sure he would have been a fabulous four star horse had he not incurred an injury. Since then, I have seen some of the stallion’s young stock in Europe and have been very impressed with them. It is certainly good news for America that his semen is now available here as this grandson of the famous King of Diamonds should cross very well with the American mares.”

One thought on “Private Heart

  1. I am the lucky owner of this wonderful horse, Private Heart, now known as Jock. He is my horse of a lifetime and we recently won the 2015 Adult Amateur 50+ for the Minnesota Hunter Jumper Association.
    Terri Bourgeois

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