LiLa Gendal, Rider of Theatre Royale(Vin) by Carrick Diamond Lad.  “Thank YOU Tom Jones for breeding such outstanding horses! I feel so lucky to have these experiences, and now, such fond memories! Truly, a spectacular horse! You simply cannot find a better temperament, brain, and athleticism in a single horse. Vin truly is a once in a lifetime horse, and I would absolutely love to find another young Carrick prospect some day soon!!”



Adrienne Stuart:I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few of Tom’s horses over the past 20 years and they have all been very trainable, sound and athletic. I’m hoping to welcome a Carrick Kilderry’s Diamond foal in the next few days, and have the beautiful 4 year old gelding Carrick Diamond Showman being produced by my daughter.




Ginny Smith:“I do love Carrick Diamond Lad offspring.”



Laura Haslett: Ive also had the pleasure of owning, riding and producing a cdl horse. Wonderful, fabulous, gentle and so trainable and affectionate horses. On the look out of another like him.





Jackie Harris: I just want to say that I have 2 Carrick Diamond Lad youngsters, one just broken and riding and one 5 year old being produced slowly for eventing, Killtown Sherlock Holmes. I have to agree with everyone else that their temperament, paces and attitude to everything is fantastic. They are a pleasure to own.




Jasper Fitzgerald: We also had a wonderful visit to Greaghwillan stud – too short on the day but hoping to return properly on our next trip! In the meantime keeping fingers crossed for the safe arrival of our CDL foal in October…his first progeny in Australia hopefully!




Millie King: “Love Carrick diamond lad”


Gerard Green: “Carrick Diamond Lad is producing some lovely horses”




Vicky Rieunier: “Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Tom Jones and the indomitable Carrick Diamond Lad (CDL), the sire of my horse Saunderscourt Diamond Guy. I can’t thank him enough for the time he took to introduce us to all of his fantastic stallions and young stock.

The enthusiasm, knowledge and love he has for his horses shone through as he showed us around his stud. His youngsters were free range, in age groupings on the side of Irish hills – they are inquisitive, smart and sound horses with great temperaments.

It has been tough for Irish breeders in recent years and I’m thankful that Tom is still persevering with breeding and continuing the legacy of Carrick Diamond Lad. I particularly liked his young stallion Carrick Kilderry’s Diamond with Cruising and Cavalier Royale lines – one for eventers to watch for the future.

If you are looking for an unspoilt, traditionally bred Irish horse with potential – cut out the middle man out and give Tom a call. Carrick Diamond Lad’s progeny have competed at Badminton and are with Leslie Law and Andrew Nicholson to name but a few. I’m seeing lots of talented young riders starting CDL progeny and who knows, maybe Ludvig Svennerstål will be taking Southway (by CDL) to Rio….”




Lila Gendal:  “I think it’s safe to say Carrick Diamond Lad produces some outstanding jumpers!”






Katie O’ Sullivan:  “I write this letter to recommend the use of Carrick Diamond Lad as a top sport horse sire. I do so as a professional event rider having produced and evented many horses at all levels. Rarely have I come across young horses that have made such an impact on me as the progeny of Carrick Diamond Lad. His horses have an abundance of quality, presence, breathtaking movement, excellent temperament and a good brain.

The first Carrick Diamond Lad I produced and evented in the young event horse league was Private Heart purchased by John Keane and later sold to Olympic Gold medallist Bruce Davidson. Private Heart is rated in the top 10 in the U.S.A. and is now campaigning with reigning individual Olympic champion Leslie Law. I am presently training a 6 year old mare Carrick Jewel. This mare won the Future Event Horse League (FEHL) qualifying at Ballygraffon in July 2007. She then went on to come third overall at the FEHL finals at Tattersalls and was the champion 5 year old mare at these finals. She then placed second in the second prenovice at Tattersalls in October. The Olympic rider and coach Van de Vater has seen this mare and rates her very highly.

I also campaigned with another very special Carrick Diamond Lad youngster, Lowhill Blackout, who also qualified for and competed in the FEHL finals at Tattersalls. So impressive are the Carrick Diamond Lad’s that I have bred my own mare to him. With Carrick Diamond Lad now having fully Approved status, I expect more and more of his progeny to compete on the international stage. Carrick Diamond Lad is a stallion I have always had great confidence in and the high standard of his offspring are doing this stallion the justice he deserves”






Leslie Law (Olympic Gold medalist): “I first became aware of the stallion Carrick Diamond Lad via my ex-three star horse Private Heart who was sired by him. Private Heart was a very successful advanced horse that I really enjoyed campaigning and I am sure he would have been a fabulous four star horse had he not incurred an injury. Since then, I have seen some of the stallion’s young stock in Europe and have been very impressed with them. It is certainly good news for America that his semen is now available here as this grandson of the famous King of Diamonds should cross very well with the American mares.”





Posted by “Irish Gal” on  a Horse and Hound online discussion forum titled “Pure Irish Draught as a leisure horse.”

“For anyone who might be looking for a horse, the most wonderful bunch of three year olds are currently for sale with fantastic IDxTB lines all being by the wonderful traditionally bred stallion Carrick Diamond lad. I mention it because the photo of the 14 horses for sale has made such an impression that it’s gone a bit viral. It made such an impact on me that I was recently heard speaking in my sleep, saying….’Carrick Diamond Lad’….Talk about lusting after horses