Traditional Irish Horse Association


Above: A letter to The Irish Field newspaper by Robin Walker of Maute House Farm, in Grass Lake, Michigan, in support of Traditional Irish Sport Horses.

We are big fans of the Traditional Irish Horse here at Greaghwillan Stud. Carrick Diamond Lad epitomises the best traditional breeding, being out of a Thoroughbred mare and by an Irish Draught stallion.

Traditionally, this mix brought the best of both breeds to the table: the power and jump of the Irish Draught, and the stamina and determination of the Thoroughbred. Other traditional mixes include using Connemara blood, again for jump and for the Connie’s legendary brain.

Traditional Irish ‘half breds’ are known the world over for their soundness, longevity – many Irish breds compete at the top level well into their late teens. They are also known for being versatile, and being able to find a ‘fifth leg’ cross country. An Irish bred is a clever horse, and will use his brain to keep himself and his rider out of trouble.

We are proud to be associated with the newly-formed Traditional Irish Horse Association. You can find out more about them at their website,

Many of the best continental performance bloodlines trace back to Irish breds, and we believe that there is a future for this handsome and versatile breed.

Lurgans Diamond Prince – by Carrick Diamond Lad, out of a Connemara mare – a very athletic mix of genes!



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